Company Profile

      Company Profile

       Shandong Fine Steel Supply Chain Co.,LTD. (stock code: 836303, hereinafter  referred to as: Jiagang) was established in 2005. For more than ten  years, it has been focusing on the construction of steel supply chain  and is committed to promoting the transformation of China's equipment  manufacturing industry. upgrade. With  excellent market performance, Jiagang Co., Ltd. successfully listed the  “New Third Board” in March 2016, becoming the only listed company in  China with a focus on high-quality steel products. It is also the first  “high-end equipment manufacturing supply chain theme” in the country. "enterprise.

      Jiagang  has established subsidiaries in Jinan, Nanjing, Shanghai, Chengdu,  Xi'an, Wuhan, Hefei, Xuzhou, Zhengzhou, Shenyang and Guangzhou. In  the later stage, combined with market demand, a secondary service  network will be established one after another, forming a service circle  with a radius of 300 kilometers, creating a consultative service  experience that reaches the customer's side in two hours, forming a  scientific and perfect strong service network.

      Jiagang  has cooperated closely with universities and scientific research  institutions to deeply understand and analyze the development trend of  steel markets at home and abroad. Combining with the advantages of its  professional talents for many years, it has forward-looking to create a  comprehensive McKinsey consulting service system. Customer  demand is the key, based on new information, new dynamics, new  products, service content covers material selection plan, cost plan,  help customers to select materials reasonably, reduce costs and increase  efficiency, achieve product innovation and upgrade, and improve  customer global market competitiveness. At present, Jiagang's end-user services account for more than 95%.

      Jiagang  Group controls the advantage channels of nearly 1,000 high-quality  logistics providers in the market. Through reasonable screening and  matching, it has created a cloud logistics system with full network  coverage and fast delivery. Standard goods are delivered within 24 hours  to meet customers' fast arrival. And other personalized requirements.

      With  years of knowledge accumulation, Jiagang has accurately introduced  high-end precision processing equipment and advanced technology at home  and abroad, and leveraged social processing equipment and superior  processing capabilities, which not only improved the utilization rate of  raw materials, but also through the huge customer resource advantages  and big data. Analysis,  zero-sum for the whole, reduce the cost of personalized processing,  provide quality products with excellent quality, short construction  period, low cost, ready-to-use.

      In  order to provide dedicated and professional services to high-end  equipment manufacturing customers such as heavy-duty vehicle  manufacturing, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, mining  machinery, and electric power towers, Jiagang has taken a full range of  high-strength and full-scale wear-resistant as its main direction. After  years of cooperation, Jiagang has established strategic partnerships  with major steel mills such as Baowu, Anshan Iron and Steel, Pangang,  Hegang, Shangang, Angang and Xingcheng. At  present, Jiagang's full range of wear-resistant plates have a  reasonable standing inventory structure and rich specifications, which  guarantees customers' all-round and personalized needs in a timely and  timely manner.

      Jiagang  has closely followed the guidelines of the “Made in China 2025” action  plan and shifted its focus to the top five high-end equipment  manufacturing industries. Put strategic innovation, model innovation, and behavioral innovation at the core of the company's overall development. Jiagang  Co., Ltd. adheres to the flexible, objective and strict selection and  employment standards, adheres to the ability of the top, and insists on  using local talents to serve local customers to solve local problems.

      Taking  the "New Third Board" listing as an opportunity, Jiagang will realize a  wider coverage of regional outlets in a wider range. In  the later stage, we will establish more than 100 service outlets at all  levels and serve more than 20,000 customers, effectively reducing  customer procurement costs and becoming the most trusted partner for our  customers. Jiagang will work together with customers to help China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry to rise rapidly!

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