Baosteel's leaders went to Jiagang Jinan Company to visit and exchange

    Column:Corporate News Time:2018-03-10

    On March 7,  Baosteel Co., Ltd. (Academia Sinica, Hot Plate Sales Department, Heavy  Plate Department, Northern Company, Jinan Baosteel) visited the Jinan  office area of Jiagang and visited and exchanged work. Mr. Li, Chairman of Jiagang, and Mr. Zhou, Director of Strategic Cooperation, accompanied the reception.
         During  the talks, Jiagang Co., Ltd. made a detailed introduction to the  leaders in the industry development, customer service, and talent  echelon construction in the past year, which was highly praised by the  visiting guests. The two sides agreed that in 2018, we  should continue to play a good role in the tie-making role of the two  sides in their respective fields, strengthen further cooperation in the  field of wear-resistant and high-strength series, and better promote the  rapid development of the domestic equipment manufacturing industry.

        In 2018, Jiagang  will further increase the cooperation and breadth of cooperation with  well-known steel enterprises, make full use of its terminal market  advantage that is more familiar with customer needs, make full use of  the geographical location advantages of more than ten subsidiaries in  the country, and make full use of the accumulated accumulation of many  years. McKinsey + SF-style marketing advantages and other  unique service providers have the unique advantages, and steel mills  work together to develop the terminal market, and strive to achieve  greater effectiveness.

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