The accumulation of thin and thin hair is determined. Jiagang's 2018 meeting will be held in Jinan.

    Column:Corporate News Time:2018-01-15
    Shandong Jiagang Supply Chain Co., Ltd. held the 2018 Annual Meeting and the 2017 Annual Celebration Ceremony at the Jinan Yihe International Hotel on the morning of January 13.

    Shandong  Jiagang Supply Chain Co., Ltd. held the 2018 Annual Meeting and the  2017 Annual Celebration Ceremony at the Jinan Yihe International Hotel  on the morning of January 13. All  members of the Board of Supervisors of Jiagang Group and the  representatives of the key employees of the subsidiaries gathered  together to sum up the past work and look forward to a bright future.
    Chairman Li of Jiagang Co., Ltd. delivered an important speech at the annual meeting. He  stressed that in 2017, we officially clarified the main direction of  “full range of wear-resistant + full range of high-strength”, the  procurement mode of “steel mill futures + spot pro-two-legged walking”,  and the marketing strategy of adhering to the extensive scientific  layout of outlets. A  series of macro development strategies reflect the correct judgment of  the company's key personnel on the development trend of the steel trade  industry, which has very significant and far-reaching significance for  ensuring the prosperous and sustainable development of Jiagang.
    Mr.  Li pointed out that in the past year, all subsidiaries and departments  have continuously enhanced their awareness of the company and the  overall situation, and promoted the "McKinsey + SF" business service  model to achieve new and wider applications among end users. Significant  steps have been taken in the rational storage of resources, and further  cooperation with more state-owned enterprises and state-owned steel  mills has been carried out. The company's risk control and talent  quality construction have achieved remarkable results. The annual  strategic objectives and tasks have been basically completed, and all  work is steadily continuing.
    General Li stressed that looking back over the past year, the road that has been taken is very unusual. We  are faced with an upstream environment in which the quality of  mainstream steel mills is unstable, the delivery cycle is long and the  efficiency is low, but the upstream environment is still strong. The end  user is facing the downstream pressure of product details and service  quality, facing the price transparency. The  industry has an obvious trend, malicious competition, and the risk of  hidden dangers. It is a complex situation in which young people are  eager for quick success, ambiguity and long-term conflicts in the  industry. In this case, it is not easy to maintain stable growth in performance, and it is even more rare to have many positive changes. This  shows once again that Jiagang people have the courage, wisdom and  ability to overcome any difficulties and obstacles. Jiagang's strategy  has potential, resilience and advantages. Jiagang's development  prospects will certainly be better!

    General Li pointed out that development is of the utmost importance. The  development path we are taking now has an incomparably broad industry  stage, with a profound company heritage and an extremely strong forward  force. We must work closely together, work together, and  forge ahead, and strive to accomplish the goals and tasks of this year's  company development, and make new and greater contributions to achieve  the corporate goal of becoming the best service provider in China's  high-end equipment manufacturing industry!

    In the  morning meeting, more than ten annual awards, including elite teams and  excellent leaders, were awarded, and the outstanding individuals,  outstanding teams and outstanding events that emerged in 2017 were  commended and rewarded. On the afternoon of the same day, a  New Year's tea party was held, and representatives of the employees of  each subsidiary performed a wonderful program. The atmosphere in the  venue was warm. At the tea party, the leaders of Jiagang  Co., Ltd. came to the middle of the
    employee representatives and shook  hands with each other and exchanged

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