Jiagang's 2018 New Year message

    Column:Corporate News Time:2018-01-01
    2017 is about to pass, and the New Year's bell is about to ring.

    In 2017, it was an extraordinary year for Jiagang, and it was an unforgettable year. We  officially defined the main direction of “full range of wear-resistant +  full range of high-strength”, continued to develop the profound  connotation of “McKinsey+Shunfeng” service, and adhered to the marketing  strategy of extensive scientific network layout, and promoted the  company’s performance growth. Forefront of the industry. We  actively promote the development of end-users of high-end varieties of  plates, ensure that the company's internal resource reserve structure is  reasonable and rich in specifications, and continue to deepen  cooperation with more state-owned enterprises and state-owned steel  mills. The company's risk control and talent quality construction have  achieved remarkable results.
           In  2017, Jiagang Co., Ltd. established subsidiaries in Hefei, Xuzhou,  Zhengzhou, Guangzhou and Shenyang. At present, the number of  subsidiaries of Jiagang has reached 11 in East China, Central China,  South China, Northeast China, Northwest China, Southwest China, etc. Various regions. The  company continued to improve various administrative rules and  regulations, optimize the compensation system for the responsible person  of the subsidiary company, improve the basic salary level of sales  personnel who have achieved performance standards and those who have not  transferred to new employees, and continuously improve the sense of  belonging and gain of employees.
          In  2017, in Shanghai, in Anshan, in Nanjing, in Jinan..., Jiagang Co.,  Ltd. exchanged frequently with major steel mills, and held many  bilateral market seminars and technical exchanges to enhance the  relationship. Expanded the horizon and clarified the ideas.
          In 2017, we added a series of large and quality customers. Quality  objections and customer complaints remained at a low level, and  customer stickiness and overall service quality improved steadily.
         “Practical  and pragmatic, create brilliant”, the theme of Jiagang’s 2017  conference tells us that there will be no pies in the sky, and we will  work hard to make our dreams come true. The 2018 meeting of Jiagang will be held in Jinan, contributing wisdom and unity, and we will continue to exert our strength.
         Concentric and up-to-date, its profit is broken. As  long as all our colleagues work together and work together, as long as  all our work is centered on the end customers, everyone will pick up  their sleeves and work hard, we will be able to take the road of the  industry development of Jiagang.
            Let us embrace the New Year's bells with confidence and expectation!

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